we love to support

  • our products are not only built to last, but we also aim to keep our heritage lines alive so you may continue to extend the usage
  • our maintenance team is available for the simplest fix
  • we refurbish used alamein products, and they are offered new life for your continued enjoyment
  • the user is the center of our design approach, besides we love a good design challenge
  • communication between us is a breeze, call us directly or even drop us a message via social media, we WILL get back to you

choosing your playground

step 1 - identify the age range

step 2 - identify the area size available 

step 3 - get inspired with our playgrounds + more 

  • mingle + add ons
  • jungle
  • toddler
  • playthings
  • adult fun

step 4 - ask alamain design studio to help you choose