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"If we can play together as children, we can work together as adults"
Tharwat Sabry




STANDARD  designs  for  AGES 6-14 .. more +


...  go outdoors our defining motto grants the element of fun foremost and alongside strict health and safety standards for materials and usage.  


our mingle playgrounds are specially created on a modular basis to fit user age group, area size and configuration.

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perfect for AGES 6-14, get inspired with EXTENDABLE playful add-ons .. more +


special sizes and safety features for our little friends ... more +


keeping toddlers safe is our priority.. special safety features and dimensions catering to hours of fun


tip: our stand-alone options are for instant installation and in combination with your playground of choice


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bring back the element of play with a social setting ... cross generations and show off your skills for a few hours of quality downtime.