He who rides the sea of the Nile must have sails woven of patience.  William Golding


This Nile Class sailing boat dates back to 1930. Dr. Youssef Mazhar the father Commodore of Nile Class Sailing and head of the Cairo Yacht club was responsible for its rebirth in 2000.

Hamid Sabry a hands-on engineer took on the project of producing a copy of an old model built by Rayes Abdeen. This was discovered under numerous layers of dust and was a wreck. Hamid copied all the original features and produced an identical copy. This took a year and a half of building and problem solving before getting a sea-worthy craft. The greatest breakthrough came when the old drawings of the boat were found and the final specifications were incorporated into the revived design. 

source: "A sporting life on the Nile"
Photographs: George Fakhry
Text: Donald Benson

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